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PHP Million Pixel Script

Do you want to earn money without required programming knowledge and with little work, by having your own Million Dollar Homepage?
Then buy the original Million Pixel Script from and start right away!

Why waste time when you can buy a fully automated script?

PHP MillionPixel Script will be working for you!
  • Easy and simple for the user to work with
  • Easy to install, you can adapt it in your own design and upgrade the script anytime you wish
  • Many different features

Demo Version

Check out our current Pixel script version online and see the administration area behind!
Online Demo
Administrator area


The newest version of the script is now available!

Check out the developers website here:

Some of the new features are:
- Adding as many different pixel grids as you like
- Different grid subpages
- Pixel banner
- Integrate pixel grids in other websites as plug in
- Complex online admin area (see demo here) - Template online editor
- Supported Payments: PayPal, Stormpay, AlertPay, SafePay, 2Checkout and e-gold
- Full integrated Blog and FAQ
- Pixellist, featured sponsor, zoom function and much more!!

Some Features of the previous version in detail:
  • Multilanguage
    The script will be provided in 6 languages (english, german, french, dutch, italien, portuguese).
    The script recognizes the users' language and will forward to the correct one. Nevertheless, the user is able to switch the language at anytime and at any page where the user currently is. You are able to add many languages as you wish.
  • Premium and free zone
    You are able to split the grid into two different sections: a premium zone and a free zone. On the free zone you can define how many blocks a user can choose at maximum. Please see the example of the free and premium zone at
  • Definable grid sizes!
    You can choose how big the pixel grid should be. That way you are also able to integrate a smaller paid part in another webpage.
  • Activation and deletion through email
    Users need to activate their account by clicking a link they receive by email. Emails are also able to delete their pixels through email. That way you'll have much less work!
  • The user is able to choose the pixels on-the-fly
    The user can choose the pixels on-the-fly. The script automatically checks if the fields are next to each other or already reserved for another user. The chosen pixels by the user are presented in an animated way.
  • The user is able to upload it's own pictures
    The user's picture is uploaded automatically and resized on-the-fly. That way the user can use it's own logo, without having to adapt it before uploading it.
  • More than 450 pictures to choose from
    In case the user hasn't got a logo or a picture, the user can choose from up to 450 different pictures that are organized in different categories. You can freely add new categories and pictures.
  • Reserved pixels
    The red pixels, mean that they have been reserved, but not yet activated. That way the same pixels aren't sold twice. On "pixel your page" and for a better visualization, the grid is shown in grey.
  • TOP-Ranking
    This ranking works with the unique hits that are sent to an user. There are two different rankings: yesterdays ranking and all-time ranking.
  • URL Tracking on/off
    You can choose to track each click on the pixel ads or not. If not, you can not use the TOP-Ranking anymore but will provide your pixel-customers real links from there images.
  • Referral Ranking
    This ranking works with the unique hits that are sent from a referral. There are two different rankings: yesterdays ranking and all-time ranking.
  • Tell a friend
    Users are able to recommend this page to a friend.
  • Feedback form
    Makes your life easier to receive the feedbacks in a structured way, instead of receiving different emails from the users.
  • Admin zone
    On the admin you are able to see the following information: clicks, websites, premium and free websites, referrals, newsletter and tell a friend.
    You are able to list all websites or search for a specific website. You can completely edit, activate or delete a listening.
  • Online Admin-Mail-Editor
    You can email a specific user, all activated users, all users that are receiving the newsletter or to any email you wish. You are able to save the messages as templates.
  • Newsletter
    Users can opt-in or opt-out through a form. You can easily send then the newsletter to the users.
  • Quick grid download, low server CPU usage
    PHP MillionScript is programmed in order for the grid to load as fast as possible (although the many pictures and logos). The grid is saved in an PNG format after each change (pixels added, edited or deleted). That way it's possible to save a lot of CPU processing.
  • Automatic colour reduction
    If you have heavy traffic on your page and many pixels busy, you can turn on the colour reduction of the grid generating to 256. It will increase the speed of your site. You can define this option individual for payed and/or free-zone.
  • Interlace on/off
    Choose, if your grid will saved with or without interlace effect (appearing image).
  • Grid background image changeable
    You can change the background image of the grid like you want.
  • No Cookies or Sessions are required!
    The script doesn't require cookies or sessions. That way it works on any browser. (cookies only used for admin area)
  • Easy design through CSS
    Colors, Font, Size, etc can be easily changed and adapted in a style sheet file (CSS).
    The script also includes an header and footer so that you can adapt it as you wish and as simple as possible.
  • PayPal
    The script is PayPal ready! You simply need to change your email address according with your PayPal account.
  • Separate Currency for payment possible
    If you'd like to sell your pixels in a currency, which Paypal or other does not support (i.e. Swiss Franken)
    you can explicit define a currency and an exchange rate for the payment transfer.
    The amount of the pixels will automatically exchanged and used for Paypal.
  • Additional pages possible
    You are able to add so many additional paged as you wish. Pages like Legal Notice, Link to us, Bookmark, Blog, FAQ and Traffic are already prepared.
  • Easy installation and configuration
    The installation is done in a few steps and your domain and email are changed globally in a configuration file. That way you have less work and can start right away!
  • Free Updates and technical support
    Further updates and bug fixes are included and free of charge. If you got technical questions, we will support you by email.

Technical Requirements for the PHP MillionPixel Script

You need a domain with a Webhost that provides:
  • Webspace (at least 5 Megabyte)
  • PHP 4.3 or higher with GD-library (this normally standard)
  • MySQL

Demo Version

Check out our actual script version online and see the administration area behind!
Online Demo
Administrator area

Question and Answers

You have questions before purchasing? You need help or tips for your pixel script?
Check out our daily increasing Million Pixel Knowledge Base.
You will find answers to many questions about technical requirements, licence and many more.
Go to Knowledge Base

Price and Payment

Check out the developers website for purchasing a licence of the script. You will find also other cool scripts and different versions of the million pixel script.

Click here:

Please note

Please check the technical requirements on the server you want to install PHP MillionPixel Script. We are not able to refund you, after the script has been emailed to you. In case you are not sure if you meet the requirements, simply ask your provider where you have your website hosted.
For further questions, please use the feedback form of texmedia.
If you get interested in, we can arrange a credit note where you will get one month off, if paid for a year.

Some of our satisfied million script customers
... and many more.

"The Million Script stands head and shoulders above the competition! A feature-packed script, with exceptional support to rely on for all my questions, it's been nothing but plain sailing to get my business up and running! Seeing my sales start to take off has been an amazing feeling!!

"Amazing!, having worked with many scripts in my time this one rocks! literaly, so easy to configure, auto payments, so many simple yet effective ways to change things, worth its weight in gold!. Thankyou. Paul wainwright.
Paul Wainwright,

"Dear Texmedia, I credit Alex Tew for a very original and wonderful idea - but you guys really made that idea colossal! Your Pixel Script is absolutely far (way far) superior to any other pixel script around. It?s just so logical, well planned and super-easy to use that I praise to you guys everyday as I discover new features to make my job a total delight. It's also so easy to customize that we purchased it and we were able to launch it in just minutes on We sincerely feel that we have total control over our pixel directory.
Thanks a million you guys!
Sean McDonald, Webmaster

"Ein klasse Skript! Die Installation hat reibungslos geklappt. Man hat, wenn man möchte, die Möglichkeit, viele Einstellungen vorzunehmen, was einem unter anderem die Fähigkeit gibt, das Layout hervorragend und einzigartig zu gestalten, um sich von den anderen Pixelseiten abzuheben."

"Thankyou for the script it works great!"

Matthew Walker,

"I originally bought 2 scripts , yours and one from xxxxxxxx. Yours rocked. It was easy to install and modify ( to make it my own ). The traffic it has generated is amazing. It has paid for itself several times over in just 3 to 4 days!"

"I just made my first pixel ad sale.... £240 = $400 - I never expected to make my money back, I was mainly using it as a way to freely advertise my site and affiliate links.

"Super Service"

"It's a great script."

"Dein Script arbeitet hervorragend und zuverlässig, ist einfach zu installieren und man bekommt sofort eine Antwort, wenn man Fragen hat. Ideal für Einsteiger!"

"I almost put my head through the wall trying to find a better solution. With this script, I can now spend my time marketing, not maintaining. Besides, the price of this script is way cheaper than repairing the holes in my walls!"
Mike E.,

"... you have done a wonderful job. Script was easy to install. Saved a lot of my time! Support is instant and great. Website takes no time to maintain, it's hard to believe. Many thanks to you and your team.

"The Million script is by far one of the most advanced pixel scripts on the internet. Customer service is second to none and when you have a problem, Markus is there to fix it even with an international time zone he works with his clients to get them going. I would recommend this script to any business that wants to add pixel campaigns to their product offerings."

"Excellent and bravo! Best script going anywhere and the support is beyond fantastic! If this script can't do something you want it shouldn't be done or they will add the feature straight away. I've never made a better purchase."

"Hallo, ich bin richtig begeistert von diesem Skript. Es ist das beste, dass ich bisher gesehen habe, sehr, sehr gut durchdacht. Vielen Dank auch für die schnellen Antworten auf meine vielen Fragen, da ich wirklich nicht sehr fit in der Installtion des Skriptes war; aber letztendlich hat es durch die schnelle und reibungslose Hilfe der geklappt. Vielen Dank

"Great script, really easy to customize and the wealth of features is terrific! Customer support communication is great and script installation easy. This script is easily the market leader. See what can be done!"

"Great Script, very easily customizable to fit your needs. It works like a charm."

"Ich denke es ist ein super Script das seines Gleichen sucht. Alle anderen Anbieter (englischsprachig) können diesem Script das Wasser nicht reichen."

"I waited impatiently for the script to be ready. Meanwhile, I bought another script which turned out to be still under development and for which I eventually had to seek a refund via Paypal. There was none of that here with Texmedia. They released a robust application and have provided prompt customer support and even better updates ever since."
Pru's Million Dollar Home Page,

"I would like to say a big thank you to texmedia and all the staff. You really have delivered on not only a brilliant script but even better support. A job well done."

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